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  • I make two trips a year to have  Caroline work on me to retain the integrity that my body  systems have  developed with her techniques. She really is the best!….Dr..Laxmi Mohanan, M.D., Sri Lanka

    • A chronic injury to my lower back caused me to drag my leg.  After a single treatment, the pain was alleviated and within a short time the injury disappeared. Caroline seems to be able to touch levels in us beyond the emotional and physical…Deirdre King, Ph.D., Autogenic Therapist, U.K.
    • With her vast array of techniques, Caroline has helped my child overcome global developmental delay and sensory integration dysfunction.  There has also been an improvement in his immunity and his ability to interact with others….Sebi Varghese, Doctorate in Physical Therapy
    • Caroline Konnoth was also born with an innate gift for healing. She has a clarity of intelligence that goes beyond thinking. Beautiful, mysterious transformation occurs when working with Caroline. I have recommended her to countless people and consider her a staple of my holistic healthcare.…..Amy Torres, Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher
    • Caroline Konnoth is very connected to the Source. Her wisdom, experience of different modalities & pinpoint perception, guide her into the depths of human suffering which she tenderly eliminates like a masterful artisan.…..Nishit Patel, The Walking Yogi
    • Caroline Konnoth has been a life saver for me .After seven years of anguish over chronic & debilitating lower back problems, I found her & I knew right away that I was in the presence of a genuine healer. She stuck by me & was able to help me to gradually become pain free, healthy, & feeling hopeful about life again.….Vincent Tirelli, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science
    • After my first session, Caroline relieved my pain. I was able to put my head on a pillow and sleep for the first time in four days…..P.Lioudakis, Office Manager
    • I am a Postal Worker who was injured on the job.  My Doctor had sent me to several Hospitals, Doctors and Specialists over a three year period. Finally, I was referred to Pain Management where I met Caroline Konnoth We began treatments and the first day itself I felt so much better. Caroline was a GOD send. As the sessions continued the pains began to ease up, melt away and disappear. I highly recommend her work…Deborah Bradley, U.S.Postal Worker
    • Lightness and laughter are your forte. Your lightness enabled me to lift the layers of pain .  Old wounds buried deep inside came to light. Laughter helped me let them go.  My body said  “yes” and  healed. Caroline, you helped me to heal from the core of my being.  For that I’m eternally grateful… Marge Rothschild, Artist & Energy Healer
    • Caroline Konnoth has magic hands, which are guided by deep wisdom regarding the physical therapy process. She has done wonders in alleviating both the acute and chronic pain, my wife and I have experienced in recent years..….Alvin Rosenstein, Ph.D., Psychologist

    • Caroline’s indisputable healing touch ensured that I recovered 100% from the injury I suffered as a result of a side-swipe vehicular accident. My orthopedic surgeon likened my recovery to  a miracle!…….. P. Rodrigues, Legal Editorial Consultant, India

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    1. As a teen with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy, I have been treated by many therapists with Caroline as one of my first. Now that Caroline has been my therapist for the last 11 years I can fully say that Caroline is the best therapist I have ever had and probably one of the best worldwide.

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