The Emotion Code

You could balance body, mind & soul with The Emotion Code. Created by Dr. Bradley Nelson (D.C., ret) after more than 20 years as a holistic chiropractor and teacher, The Emotion Code is designed to help you alleviate physical discomfort, ease emotional wounds, and restore love to relationships. The Emotion Code course could even help you break through potential self-sabotage to live the life you were meant to live.

Many users of The Emotion Code report having positive outcomes with:

  • Easing Physical Discomfort: You may get relief from pain, stiffness, physical distress and suffering, and alleviate their potential causes
  • Improving Relationships: You could remove barriers to love and increase your ability to connect
  • Women's and Men's Health Issues: Chronic Pelvic Pain, Endometriosis. Bladder Incontinence
  • Creating More Success: You can experience more abundance and open the door to prosperity
  • Healing Generations: It’s possible to heal your own energy, as well that of past and future generations
  • Helping Animals: You may even help pets and other animals feel and function better