Muscle Trigger Points

Muscle trigger points can be a source of sometimes debilitating pain. These trigger points may feel like tiny pea-sized indurations inside muscles or may sometimes even be as large as your thumb. The pain you feel may vary from low grade to severe and may occur at rest or only on movement. It is often felt like a dull aching steady pain that lies deep inside a muscle. Very often the pain or tenderness may be felt far away from the actual causal site. These muscle trigger points are very tender that can make you wince with pain and pull away when pressure is applied to these spots.

Trigger points can occur in any muscle, but is usually found in muscles that are used the most or repetitively. Our neck and low back muscles are very susceptible to the development of muscle trigger points, as are the muscles of the shoulder blades, In our fast paced life of today, finding quick and easy relaxation methods is a boon. Below is a video that demonstrates a simple method, using tennis balls, to help you get rid of those muscle trigger points in your body, especially those that are located in the shoulder blades and low back.

Muscle trigger points are not the same thing as a muscle spasm. A spasm involves a violent contraction of the whole muscle, whereas a trigger point is a local contraction in only a small part of a muscle. A strain or tear involves physical damage to the muscle or tendon fibers. Such damage has not been demonstrated in studies of trigger points.  However, such injuries may predispose one to developing “muscle trigger points”.

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