Transversus Abdominis Exercises

Transversus abdominis exercises are very important in maintaining your overall health because weak transversus abdominis muscles can manifest as:

  • Inability to sit up without arching your back thus inviting back pain
  • Decreased breathing capacity
  • Incontinence of urine
  • Medial knee joint pain
  • Groin pain

The video below describes a method to activate the nerve and lymph supply that lies on the inner side of your thigh in order to “clean” out the blocked “functional pathways” for this muscle. Of course this is best done by a trained body worker, but can easily be replicated as shown below even at home using the help of another member of your household. Your effectiveness in treatment would lie in massaging the inner side of the thigh, working from the inner knee up towards the groin, with the flat of your palms to initiate proper drainage of stagnant fluid from lack of proper transversus abdominis muscle exercises.

Transversus abdominis exercises target the muscle group that saran wraps your midriff. This is a deep muscle and extends from its attachment to the base of your ribcage to the top of your pelvic bowl, very much like a corset. No wonder it is sometimes referred to as our “natural weight lifting belt”.

Easy transversus abdominis exercises include:

  • Tummy tucks: Here you suck in your stomach as if you want to touch belly button to your spine. This can be done 24/7 all through the day without designating any specific time of day for “exercising”.
  • Deep breathing: Breathe out with a tummy tuck. Hold for 30 seconds. Breathe in on the relaxation. This will improve your breathing capacity.
  • Lifting a weight overhead: You can start with 5 pounds. Lift and hold the weight slightly behind you for about 30 seconds to start with. Slowly increase to 1-2 minutes. Repeat 5 times. Walking with the overhead weight further enhances the efficacy of this exercise.
  • Planks: These are done by staying in a lifted push-up position. Start by getting onto your stomach. Push up on your hands till your elbows are straight and only your palms and toes contact the floor. Your hands are under your shoulders and your feet are hip-width apart. Engage your abdominals and keep your back flat. Simply hold this position for 30. Slowly increase to 1-2 minutes. Repeat 5 times. Alternating by lifting one leg at a time further enhances the efficacy of this exercise.
  • Pelvic Tilts: These are easy transversus abdominis exercises if you are deconditioned or pregnant. Sit on a chair. Push your lower back flat against back of the chair and hold for 30 seconds. Release and allow your lower back to relax. Do 10 repetitions.

Only good can come from these exercises. Serotonin or the “feel good” hormone is released. Your stomach gets flatter. Your breathing capacity improves. Low back and groin pain disappear and urinary incontinence stops. All these great benefits come from doing your “transversus abdominis exercises”.